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Our support for the AMADEA association


AMADEA is an international humanitarian aid association for sustainable development in rural areas and the protection of children in Madagascar. She carries out various actions in this country where children and rural areas are the first to be affected by poverty.

Indeed, Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world despite the wealth it has:

  • The Big Island alone is home to 2% of the world's biodiversity, making it one of the territories of global biological diversity;
  • Land rich in minerals including cobalt, graphite, uranium, ilmenite, gold, nickel and even pink sapphire, of which it is the world's leading producer;
  • Oil deposits that make them a real treasure island.

Despite its wealth, three quarters of the Malagasy population live on less than two euros a day. Most of the inhabitants (sur)live from agriculture. This makes it a vulnerable country because weather conditions have a huge impact on the country's economy (cyclone, drought, etc.). According to the, 97% of Malagasy children aged 10 are unable to read and understand a short text adapted to their age.

This is why AMADEA:

  • helps parents provide for the basic needs and education of their children;
  • works for Malagasy farmers and families, giving them the impetus and support they need to improve their living conditions.


Touched by the poverty of her native country, Lynda LAVOREL developed the idea of ​​selling bourbon vanilla from the family farm in France to enable her family to market vanilla from the family farm in France in order to improve their living conditions. life and subsequently contribute to the long-term economic development of his native village. Part of the profits will be used to protect crops and improve the living conditions of Malagasy producers.

It was therefore obvious for Les Délices de Mada to support the AMADEA association in its actions.

If you also wish to support the association, you can leave a donation at the time of your online purchase or by making a donation directly on their site: Amadea | Childhood and Development in Madagascar

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