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Les Délices de Mada

Mango Vanilla Jam - 250g

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After the “pop” of the opening, the vanilla begins to sing. Loudly. Direction the North of Madagascar with this beautiful Sava vanilla, courted, sought after, envied; here it is all yours! But the mango, its neighbor Diana, comes forward, a little jealous, and arranges your palate with generous bites, where a few small fragrant pieces get lost. On the length, the vanilla leads the way, but agrees to let vocalizations of citrus fruits express themselves here and there. It's sunny, delicious, like biting into a ripe, juicy mango.

This jam will be seduced by a fresh cheese, and rusks, as a snack, and will in turn seduce a pan-fried foie gras for dinner.

Ingredients :

Mangoes, cane sugar, lemon juice, vanilla

Prepared with 63.50% mango

Prepared with 41g of sugar per 100g