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Les Délices de Mada

Vanilla Jelly - 250g

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This unique jelly is made by Bernadette de Lavernette from the fat and generous vanilla pods of Sava, in the North-East of Madagascar.

This exceptional product, like a caviar, charms your senses. It is already tasted with the nose. Its deep and powerful exhalations recall the rich smells of damp undergrowth where vanilla has blossomed.

In the mouth, the aromas are light at first, then more and more present, to end up imposing themselves completely, stimulating the desire to bite into pastries.

You will associate it with ginger chutney so that together they will court a roast duck. A good foie gras will open its arms with pleasure to its gourmet aroma, for a refined aperitif.

Your desserts, pies and other cakes will of course make it very welcome.

Ingredients :
Natural fruit pectin (22%), cane sugar, pods and natural vanilla extract

Prepared with 50g of sugar per 100g