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Les Délices de Mada

Rose Petal Jelly - 250g

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Close your eyes, take a deep breath. You are in a rose garden in the region of Analamanga, in Madagascar, shears in hand, straw hat on your head, like in an impressionist painting where the touches of red, white, yellow, evoke flowers and a sunny day . The deep and sweet flavor of this rose jelly is magnified by a very light sugar, pointing here and there with notes of lychees in syrup. Attention, very probable addiction in sight.

This delicious jelly will go well with strawberries, in all their forms, juice, salad, pie, panna cotta. It will also be appreciated with simple butter biscuits, and tea, when the evening is announced.

Rose Petals jelly is very low in sugar.

Prepared with 46% rose decoction, petals, rose water and candied rose petals
Prepared with 35g of sugar per 100g

Ingredients :
Cane sugar, decoction of roses, rose water, candied rose petals, lemon juice, pectin, glucose, calcium (tricalcium citrate)