Qu'est ce que la "Vanille Bourbon" ?

What is "Bourbon Vanilla"?

The Vanilla Bourbon label

Vanilla is originally from Mexico. There, the Aztecs used it to soften the bitterness of chocolate.

Bourbon vanilla refers to the variety of vanilla located in the Indian Ocean. A bourbon vanilla label was created in 1964 to differentiate vanilla production ( vanilla planifolia variety) from the Indian Ocean from other production (Mexican or Tahitian, for example).

For example, vanilla grown in Asia or Africa cannot be called bourbon vanilla, even if the variety of the latter is vanilla planifolia.

Why this name?

The label is so called because only the islands of Reunion (also called Bourbon Island), Madagascar, Mayotte, Comoros, Mauritius, Seychelles can use it. The other Indian Ocean countries are excluded from this label.

Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, renowned for its sweet, floral, liquorice taste as well as for its complex and intense aromas, is the best-selling in the world: it represents 80% of world production.

Les Délices de Mada offers you this vanilla with excellent value for money. Gourmet quality bourbon vanilla (picked at maturity) : greedy, fleshy and extremely fragrant, these versatile pods can be used in pastries, desserts, arranged rum, exotic cuisine and many other preparations.

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