Les petits pots de chez Bernadette de Lavernette

Small pots from Bernadette de Lavernette

In addition to our spices, we offer BERNADETTE DE LAVERNETTE products, a family business located in the Malagasy capital.

It was in 1996 that Brigitte, of French origin, discovered fruits, exotic flavors and the warmth of the Malagasy people. In 2005, she perpetuated the family tradition by making jams for her loved ones and distributing them to her restaurant friends. Conquered, they order and the adventure is launched!

"My jams will travel under the name of "Bernadette de Lavernette", "my dear Burgundian mother, for the transmission of her know-how & her unique secret: a pinch of love in each jar" Bridget.

Its discreet fragrance with rich aromatic touches announces the small sunny character that it develops in the mouth. We find this typical length of honeys of various flowers with notes of anise and orange blossom, which vanishes gently on sweet accents of confectionery.

This Honey will give color to your butter biscuits, and can be savored without moderation in the company of steamed prawns, with mint and lemongrass, for an exotic sweet and savory inspired by Southeast Asian cuisine.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath. You are in a rose garden in the region of Analamanga, in Madagascar, shears in hand, straw hat on your head, like in an impressionist painting where the touches of red, white, yellow, evoke flowers and a sunny day . The deep and sweet flavor of this rose jelly is magnified by a very light sugar, pointing here and there with notes of lychees in syrup. Attention, very probable addiction in sight.

This delicious jelly will go well with strawberries, in all their forms, juice, salad, pie, panna cotta. It will also be appreciated with simple butter biscuits, and tea, when the evening is announced.

After the “pop” of the opening, the vanilla begins to sing. Loudly. Direction the North of Madagascar with this beautiful Sava vanilla, courted, sought after, envied; here it is all yours! But the mango, its neighbor Diana, comes forward, a little jealous, and arranges your palate with generous bites, where a few small fragrant pieces get lost. On the length, the vanilla leads the way, but agrees to let vocalizations of citrus fruits express themselves here and there. It's sunny, delicious, like biting into a ripe, juicy mango. This jam will be seduced by a fresh cheese, and rusks, as a snack, and will in turn seduce a pan-fried foie gras for dinner.

This unique jelly is made by Bernadette de Lavernette from the fat and generous vanilla pods of Sava, in the North-East of Madagascar. This exceptional product, like a caviar, charms your senses. It is already tasted with the nose. Its deep and powerful exhalations recall the rich smells of damp undergrowth where vanilla has blossomed. In the mouth, the aromas are light at first, then more and more present, to end up imposing themselves completely, stimulating the desire to bite into pastries.

You will associate it with ginger chutney so that together they will court a roast duck. A good foie gras will open its arms with pleasure to its gourmet aroma, for a refined aperitif. Your desserts, pies and other cakes will of course make it very welcome.

On the nose, turmeric dominates, but pepper is also present. In the mouth, the mixed ginger is first accompanied by a clear sweet flavor and the earthy side of turmeric. Then it is the flavor of ginger that asserts itself, supported by pepper.







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